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Terms & Conditions

Peramedical College Katni MP

The Terms and Conditions given on this webpage are meant for providing necessary information to our admitted students and also prospective students and visitors, for enhancing convenience and confidence of them regarding studies and conducts at our reputed paramedical institute, and for securing them from all types of possible harms, embarrassments, losses, and undesirable occurrences on the premises of Mahaveer College.

  • Administration/Management of Impact Paramedical & Healthcare Training Institute (Mahaveer College) is free to make, change, modify, or eliminate rules and regulations connected with its top-notch paramedical courses and training programs, which are extended at diverse academic and professional levels, on its own discretion, and without prior information to its students, educators, or administrative staff.
  • The tuition fees or durations of the paramedical courses or training programs of Mahaveer College, may also be altered or extended by the administration for the purposes of betterment or refinement, under certain imperative circumstances. Again, management may cancel or extend the conduction of any course, if sufficient number of eligible students is not found till the proposed last date of concerned admissions, without refunding the cost of prospectus.

  • All students, educators, administrative staff, and professional trainers are expected to obey strictly the rules and regulations of our prestigious paramedical institute, and keep administration free from the hassles and disputes related with their mutual interpersonal conducts, personal belongings, monetary or other transactions, or their personal matters or affairs. They may be bluntly discarded off anytime, if found guilty of gross violations or behavior, repeated cases of indiscipline or dereliction, lack of medical fitness, non-payment of timely tuition fees, or very poor academic performance.