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Privacy Policy

Peramedical Collage Katni MP

The essence of our privacy policy is to respect duly and safeguard the privacies and dignities of our students, educators, alliances, administrative staff, and visitors belonging to India and abroad. These people can rest assured that no a single piece of information related with their personal matters is ever disclosed to any third person or party, without proper permission of them to do so. However, in certain special cases related with the provisions or formalities of the State or Federal Government, or legal authorities, we are bound to offer some pieces of demanded information to these legal and regulatory bodies.

In order to keep all pieces or strings of personal information connected with our students and other above-mentioned people, fully confidential, we strictly and rigorously follow the below-mentioned measures. These personal matters could be related with personal bio-data, familial background and location of residence, personal or professional priorities, status of paid or unpaid fees, personal merits and demerits, personal discussions with any member of our prestigious institute, email IDs or Mobile Numbers of students, emails sent by him/her to us, etc.

The said people are kindly requested to get the necessary or desired stock of information directly from the immediately concerned officials/educators, and may discuss anything relevant with them freely. Such dissemination of information or discussions will be kept fully secret. Our dignified institute does not ever want to harm or damage the well-established reputation or popularity of any person, institute, or company, engaged in the sector of paramedical education and training, or any other professional or commercial sectors. Again, any web-links which might ever be found on any web-pages of ours this website, may not be fully reliable or dependable, and therefore, our institute would not be accountable for any losses or harms incurred to our website-visitors through making any dealings or transactions with the owners of the web-links. Lastly, to get more information about our privacy policy, visitors may also refer to our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.