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How To Stay Physically Fit

14 Jan, 2021

How To Stay Physically Fit

It is a very crucial time period for all of us as we all are not much active now-a-days. Here are some interesting and important tips to stay healthy during this very crucial lockdown period.
So, it is important to focus on physical and mental. To make your body healthy, follow the given steps- Eat healthy and well-cooked food.
An exercise schedule should be added for 10-20 minutes a day.
Add citrus fruits & vegetables in your diet to make your immunity strong. By making our immune system strong, we can stay away from infections like viral, bacterial etc.
Try to wake up early as waking up late is the most important cause of making your body lazy. When we up early in the morning, our body remains active whole day and it also increases our thinking capacity.
Sleep early in night as we all know-
At last but not the least, we should have your diet on proper time without skipping the meal. It will maintain your physical health and mental health.
Please follow these instructions to stay physically fit and maintain your health during this period of lockdown .