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The paramedics are not the doctor's servant or agent, they are there to provide paramedic care and you would expect the doctor to get out of their way as they are the experienced out of hospital practitioners and they are the ones who have to transport the patient to hospital

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A trained worker who is not a member of a profession but who assists a professional. paramedic is a trained first responder who provides emergency medical treatment. First responders like paramedics are typically the first professionals on the scene of an emergency call, an accident, or any other situation in which someone has been hurt or is very ill. The paramedics who arrive on the scene must quickly evaluate the situation, make decisions, administer medical care, and in some cases transport the patient to a hospital. Working as a paramedic is an exciting and important career. As a trained and certified paramedic you will be responsible for quickly assessing patients at the scene of an emergency, making fast decisions, and implementing emergency care. This requires quick thinking, calm under pressure, and the ability to problem solve. Most paramedics work from an ambulance, responding to emergency calls and transporting patients to emergency rooms.


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